3 comments on “Can the Avro Arrow Come Back?

  1. The difference between then and now is our aviation industry is a shadow of its former self. When the factory closed that was making the Arrow the 14,000 men/women/scientists/engineers and what not were scoped by the Americans. We don’t have the capacity to do such a program now, we are really relegated to a more minor role in making this work.

    If anything Canada should be pushing for more Canadian content in projects purchased by Canada. The new Hercules for example, have parts that were built in 1990 and refurbished. Sold as new to Lockheed and thrown in a 70 million dollar airplane. Why couldn’t a Canadian or even Mexican company have done this work. A dollar saved in production by giving it to the Chinese is not worth it if we lose an entire plane or more important lives.

    • I was only stating that the federal government should rethink on the Avro Arrow, not completely restart it within the year or two. The fact that they have already messed up on several high profile projects does not help their reputation (neither does the governing party changes every four years or so, but I don’t really want to dive into Canadian politics, it’s bad enough as it is without me rant on that; And that is not what this blog is about.).

      On the other hand, the Avro’s revival can bring back the talent lost or bring in the newer generation of engineers and workers, as well as revive the aviation and manufacturing industries…

      …it’s not impossible.

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