One comment on “What Things Could Have Been

  1. Colin, what an honest posting. Not very many people have the guts to post about their struggles as honestly as you do. I believe that God never rejects sincerity; He rejects the proud, but for the broken and contrite spirit He is always open, always ready to listen, always glad to be their strength, comforter, and ready to give them a fresh start.
    You may think that your past defines you, and you may think that your past is not spectacular or equal to others. God knows all of that and He specifically gave you such a past so that you would rely on Him instead of on yourself or your achievements. God wants your humble and submissive spirit more than any spectacular past or achievements :).
    Pray to Him and He will give you strength and courage to face your decisions and reach out to your friends. He is listening and will answer, even though it may take time and patience. 🙂

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